Legend Of The Super Saiyans - "All shall bow down before the Saiyan race!"


Q. What is a Finishing Move?
A. This is your most powerful move. It may only be used a few times during a battle as it is meant to finish your opponent.

Q. How often will the site be updated?
A. There is no set update time during the week as I have school, however on the weekend I will try to update at least once a day.

Q. What does my character start with? I can't find it anywhere on the site.
A. Your character starts with 5,000 PL, 500 Health, and 500 Speed.

Q. What's so special about the Special Beam Cannon and Destructo Disc?
A. They may be taken as normal moves but may only be used as finishing moves. If they hit your enemy they will automatically kill unless it is a Changeling, this means you cannot write down what happens to your opponent when you use these types of moves. A moderator will judge the speed and evasion techniques of the person being hit and determin if they can avoid it or not.

Q. If a Saiyan has a tail cover can his tail still be cut off?
A. Yes. The tail cover only makes it harder for the tail to be cut off.

Q. Can I break peoples bones, make them bleed, cut off body parts and kill them?
A. No, you cannot break bones but you can say that you hear bones cracking. It wouldn't be fair to break your opponents arms and legs now would it? Yes you can make them bleed but not to death. No you cannot cut off body parts, only a moderator can do that. People can die but you cannot pick when. When you fight you must notify a moderator or state in the fight that you wish to fight to the death. Whoever loses the fight will then die. Also if you use an instant kill move you must wait for a moderator to post if the move kills your opponent or not.

Q. Can I train in my Gravitron, use the Room Of Spirit & Time, Teleport to Namek and get the Guru Power Up all in one day?
A. No you cannot. You may only use one power up per day and it takes all day. You may do nothing else that day if you use the ROST.

Q. Can I work and train/fight/spar in the same day?
A. Yes, no, no. You may work and then train to learn a move or just train for the sake of training but you may not work and fight or work and spar in the same day. Though do try to include everything you want to do in your post otherwise I will use my own discretion on what to update or not update on your sheet.

Q. Can I work and do a quest and travel in one day?
A. No. A quest is considered a battle and is basically used to have a fight without actually having to fight a player character. Also to travel it requires the full day to travel, not half not a quarter the whole day.

More to come as questions arise and if you are unsure of something please ask before doing, because if your turn is played out incorrectly then I will use my own discretion on what will happen.


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