Legend Of The Super Saiyans - "All shall bow down before the Saiyan race!"


1. When you join your character will have 5,000 PL, 500 Health and 500 Speed. You must then choose 2 techniques for your character and 1 technique to be your character's finishing move. This move is stronger than all your other moves and can only be used twice (2x) in a battle, as it is meant to finish off your opponent. The Special Beam Cannon, Destructo Disc, Daichiretsuzan, and Ki No Tsurugi may be taken as normal moves but may only be used as finishing moves. If you hit your opponent with them they will automatically kill them, this means you cannot write if the move hits and/or what it does. You post that you are using the move and a moderator will post a reply saying if the attack worked and how well based on the targets speed and evasion techniques.

2. There can only be a max of 50% of any one race at any given point during the game.

3. You may only go Super Saiyan if you have a Power Level (PL) of 150,000 or more and are in a state of rage. You will know you are in a state of rage when you check your character stats and your anger level is red. However Androids, Changelings etc. may Transform or use their Ultimate Power Ups without being enraged. After the first transformation a Saiyan may transform at any point. When you think you can achieve your power up make sure to write a detailed description of the change in your character, remember this is a new level for you and your whole being is changed. I will then decide if you have attained the level or not. This means that you cannot decide when you reach this transformation. You can try to attain it in a Fight or Spar but must wait for me to okay it before you continue fighting. You may also reach this state during training but must, as before, wait for me to okay it.

4. When you are enraged your PL will increase 5% of it's max.

5. Your mood will change depending on the results of Spars and Fights. If you lose a lot of fights, or one of your friends dies in a team battle, you will start to become enraged. Different colors signify different levels of anger. Neutral, Annoyed, Angry, Hateful, Enraged.

6. Roleplay your character! This is an RPG (Role Playing Game) so try to do things your character would do. If you are Gohan your not going to be running around doing evil things.

7. You may only play as one (1) character on the RPG. If you are caught playing more than one (1) character all your characters will be deleted. Also there may not be more than one (1) type of the same character. Eg. There may not be a Goku and a Chibi Goku. There also may not be any fused characters.

8. If you are inactive for seven (7) days without first giving notice your character will be deleted.

9. You must rest for 3 days to recover all your HP and PL. You may decrease this time if you have a house, hopsital etc. on the planet. You do not need to rest after training, fighting or sparing but you will take damage so it is a good idea to rest up every few battles. Each day of resting takes the full day to recover hp/pl, meaning you cannot do anything else that day.

10. You may spar OR fight once per day (but not both) and then rest whenever you feel it is necessary. You may go to work (by posting a messeage about it on the planet you are on) while resting.

11. Training drains your PL. If you train too hard for too long you will die. Each day of training adds 2% of your Max PL, 200 Hp and 100 Speed. You must add a message each day on the planet you are currently on about what your training is/was for that day of training. This is the only type of training that can be done to learn new moves.

12. Battles are also on the message board. Do not post them on the planet that they take place on, but on the Battle Forum. One person challenges the other, the other has 24 hours to respond. Battle turns should consist of about 2 or 3 hits per turn with usually a hit or attempt by the opponent, as I doubt they would stand there and let you hit them. Once started battles need to finsih in a 24 hour period, if that is impossible, your stats will stop going up and your status will be battling. If you win or lose a battle you get Experience, regardless if you come out alive or not. You get 10% of the losers Power Level if you win, plus 400 Health and 200 Speed. The looser gets 5% of the winners Power Level, plus 100 Health and 100 Speed. If you lose a battle, you should rest, go to a hospital/house/regenerator, or take a Senzu Bean, however you do not have to. In a hospital or House it takes 1 day to heal, as in a Regenerator, but with a Senzu Bean you can go on as if nothing happened. If you die you don't need to rest at all, you are teleported to King Yemma's House in the Next Dimension. From here you can go to the different areas in the Next Dimension.

13. Sparring is done exactly the same way except you have no fear of killing your opponent, unless you stupidly use an attack with a deadly effect (Special Beam Cannon or Destructo Disk) This is only meant to be used for training, two friends want to raise their power levels so they spar. The experience is a bit lower since this is not a life or death battle, each player gets 4% of the other's power level, 200 Health and 100 Speed. Also, if the spar takes place under the increased gravity provided by a gravitron, you will get the additional gain added onto what you earned from that battle.

14. Characters will have the possibility of catching diseases if they become too weak. These can just put you out of commission for a few days, or could send you to the Next Dimension if not cured.

15. If you are killed in battle or by a disease, you will be teleported to King Yemma's Check in Station in the Next Dimension. From here you will be judged. If you had a good character you will have the choice of going on Snake Way toward King Kai's Planet.

16. The Dragonballs are glowing orbs that have a very special use, they call upon the Eternal Dragon to grant remotely any wish.

Earth's Dragonballs- The least powerful of the dragonballs. The wishes are fairly restricted here, as the earth dragonballs cannot grant any wishes that are beyond the power of earth's God. The Earth's dragonballs grant only one wish.

Namek Dragonballs- The second most powerful set of dragonballs. You can make the same wish more than once (ex. reviving a friend) and the restrictions are lower. The Namek dragonballs grant up to 3 wishes

Blackstar Dragonballs- The ultimate dragonballs that are scattered across the galaxy. Generalized wishes can be made here as many times as you want. The Blackstar dragonballs grant only one wish, so use it wisely.

It takes 5 days to find a Dragonball with no equipment, 4 days on foot with a scouter, 3 days if you have a nimbus. 3 days if you have the Telepathy ability and are on foot, 1 day if you have Telepathy and on Nimbus. 3 days on foot with Dragonball Radar, 2 days if you have the Dragonball Radar and a Nimbus. You will find one Dragonball a day if you had Telepathy, a Scouter, a nimbus or a Dragonball Radar and the Teleportation Technique. You cannot do anything else in the day you search for a dragonball, however if you possess all the possible dragonball finding equipment it only takes a half day to find one, therefore you may also train or work in the same day, but not find another dragonball. If you manage to gather all seven of one set, go to the message boards of the planet you are on and make a post entitled "Summoning the Eternal Dragon" make your wish and we will respond, if your set grants multiple wishes, do not tell us all of them in one post, wait until the one before has been granted. After a wish is granted the dragonballs will scatter over the planet or back to their multiple planets. They will then be unusable and untraceable for exactly 2 weeks.

17. Kaioken is a powerful move created by the clever King Kai. This move is a powerup, not an attack, but will dramatically raise your Power Level during a battle for two turns.
Kaioken X1: Your Power Level will increase by 102%, Speed by 105%
Kaioken X2: Your Power Level will increase by 105%, Speed by 107%
Kaioken X3: Your Power Level will increase by 110%, Speed by 109%
Kaioken X4: Your Power Level will increase by 115%, Speed by 112%
Kaioken X5: Your Power Level will increase by 120%, Speed by 114%
Kaioken X6: Your Power Level will increase by 125%, Speed by 117%
Kaioken X7: Your Power Level will increase by 130%, Speed by 120%
Yes I know that Kaioken has higher levels but it would be too powerful to let players use it all the way up to Kaioken x20 and beyond. Also note that if you use Kaioken too much or at a low amount of HP you run a high risk of killing yourself.

18. The Gravitron is an invention made by Dr. Brief that simulates gravity within a closed space. The model used has a maximum gravity setting of 300 times Earth's normal Gravity. As an added benefit, it increases your speed by 100 per day. Be warned though, if you try too much it may just kill you! You cannot wear any kind of stat enhancing equipment when you go into the gravitron as it will become so heavy you would be crushed to death. It costs 200 Zen to train per day. Here are the settings:
10G- 2% of max PL Gained. Drains 18% of PL to use.
20G- 3% of max PL Gained. Drains 20% of PL to use.
30G- 4% of max PL Gained. Drains 22% of PL to use.
40G- 5% of max PL Gained. Drains 24% of PL to use.
50G- 6% of max PL Gained. Drains 26% of PL to use.
60G- 7% of max PL Gained. Drains 28% of PL to use.
70G- 8% of max PL Gained. Drains 30% of PL to use.
80G- 9% of max PL Gained. Drains 32% of PL to use.
90G- 10% of max PL Gained. Drains 36% of PL to use.
100G- 11% of max PL Gained. Drains 38% of PL to use.
150G- 12% of max PL Gained. Drains 40% of PL to use.
200G- 13% of max PL Gained. Drains 46% of PL to use.
250G- 14% of max PL Gained. Drains 48% of PL to use.
300G- 15% of max PL Gained. Drains 50% of PL to use.

19. The PL requirements for techniques mean you require that amount of PL to use the technique.

20. The phases of the moon go as follows: On Earth, a Full Moon is on the 7th and the 27th of the month. On Vegeta, a Full Moon is on the 18th of the month. On the planets(other than Earth) in the North Galaxy, every 14th of the month, the Earth passes above and acts as a Full Moon. This is the only times a saiyan can become Golden Ozaruu.

21. You can swear but try and keep it to a minimum, you never know who might be reading.

22. Use full sentences and words.


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