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22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai

The 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai will take place on Friday, November 12, 2004. If you wish to participate in the tournament please contact Vegeta (sirkomania@hotmail.com) or post your participation in the announcements. You must be on Earth on the day of the 12th. Please check back for more information concernin the tournament.

1st Place: 1500 Zen
2nd Place: Yardraining Clothes and 200 Zen
3rd/4th Place: Old Saiyan Armor

- Fight is one on one, as many rounds as it takes.
- Fight is over when either one player passes out or gives up or if the one player the outside of the ring.
- If you kill someone you are disqualified (give them the chance to surrender).
- No hitting in the groin.
- No foreign objects are allowed.
- After each fight every player will be given a senzu to heal with.
- No healing items (senzu, oil) may be used during battle.
- Each battle consists of turns. Each turn should be about 3-5 seconds of time ie. a few hits or one move. Two smaller moves could be used in one turn, however anymore 20,000PL req. will consume an entire turn.
- Each fight must end the same day it started. If it is not finished I(Vegeta) will determine the winner.

If there are any other questions concerning the tournament contact Vegeta.


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