Legend Of The Super Saiyans - "All shall bow down before the Saiyan race!"

[Racial Abilities]


Majin Powerup: Evil aligned characters can become Majin, possessed. Once the character reaches a point where he/she cannot become anymore evil the character may become Majin. This boosts the character's PL and stats by 25% when in use (battles, quests, but not in training).

Desperation: Good aligned characters, when in desperate need can summon up a dire strenth to boost their current PL and stats 100%.


1.5x PL Gain: A Human will gain Power one and a half times as quickly as any other race(besides nameks). Eg. If a human gets 2,000 PL from training they get an additional 1,000.
Humans have no power up when they reach 150,000 PL.


1.25x PL Gain: Nameks will gain Power one and a quarter times as quickly as any other race(besides humans).

Create Dragonballs: The Nameks created the Dragonballs, right? So if a Namek's Power level reaches 2,000,000 a Namek can begin creating their own set of Dragonballs. It takes a week to do this and the character can not be doing anything else except battle if challenged. However he can not challenge anyone else to a battle during this time. You must also give your dragon a name. Created Dragonballs give one wish(they are about as powerful as the Earth Dragonballs.). Once finished you lose half of your Power Level, but the person who created them can make the first wish before they scatter across the planet that they were created on. Only 1 set of Dragonballs may exist per planet.

Fusion: Nameks have the ability to fuse with other Nameks with out the move Fusion Dance. This is a permanent fusion.

Super Namek: The fused form of two Nameks whose fused character equals 1,000,000 PL or higher will become a Super Namek. The new Super Namek Character will gain a 350% increase to their stats. As with Nameken Fusion, the new character is permanently created. The fusion will not work if the addition of the two Nameks' PL is less than 1 million.

Limb Growth: The ability to extends one's arm and legs to different legnths.

Kyodaika: The Namekian ability to greatly increase one's body size to a maximum depending on their PL. When used, the ability will increase the character's PL 5% for every 100,000PL.

Regeneration: The Namekian ability to regrow one's limbs. If the Namek's head is separated from the body, he cannot regenerate another head, and will die.


At 100,000 PL a Changeling will be able to undergo their first transformation. This yields a 100% increase to all their stats.

At 1,200,000 PL a Changeling will be able to undergo their second transformation. This yields a 300% increase to all their stats.

At 4,500,000 PL a Changeling can attempt a 3rd transformation. This will increase the Changelings stats by 550%.

At 10,000,000 PL a Changeling can attempt a 4th transformation. If successful it is estimated that this will increase the Changelings stats by 700%. In addition to this the Changeling will also be able to recover fully in 1 day.


At 150,000 PL an Alien will become more powerful. The alien's will increase in base stats 100% forever.

At 1,000,000 PL an Alien will reach their second power boost, where the alien's base stats will increase 200% forever.

When an Alien reaches 3,000,000 PL they can attempt to undergo their Ultimate transformation and become a Super Alien. This yields a 500% increase to all stats.

At 10,000,000 it is said that an alien can reach a transformation in which their form will be cahnged drastically. This results in their PL and HP increasing by 1000%, but a speed decrease of 50%.


If Cell is strong enough and manages to absorb either Android 17 or 18 he can transform himself and become vastly stronger.

At 400,000 PL Cell may absorb his first Android. This will increase his stats by 120% forever.
Cell may then become Perfect at 2,750,000 PL by absorbing the remaining Android. This will increase his stats by 250%. Cell can then train for his Ultra Perfect Form.

This final, Ultra Perfect, form will increase Cell's stats by 700% forever. Cell must reach 5,000,000 PL to begin thsi transformation and it takes 15 days to learn after attaining Perfect form.

If Cell is damaged in combat he will quickly regenerate. Cell's ability to regenerate far exceeds that of even the Nameks and only requires 2 days of rest to fully heal.


Once an Android reaches 350,000 PL they may use their first Power Up. This will increase all of their base stats by 100% forever.

At 2,000,000 PL an android can use their second Power Up which will increase all of their base stats by 300% forever.

It is said that once an Android reaches 3,750,000PL they can tap into and energy source within their bodies to powerup all their base stats by 500% forever. But can only be first tapped into when the need is dire.


Once the Saiyan reaches a PL of 150,000 and is in a state of rage he may attempt to become a Super Saiyan. If successful the Saiyan will get a 150% increase to all of their stats. After the first transformation the Saiyan may transform at will.

Ultra Super Saiyan or USSJ is an optional step between Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2. The Saiyan must go through intense training at a Super Saiyan level. Once achieved the Super Saiyan's stats will be increased by an additional 30% but their speed will be decreased by 35%.

Super Saiyan 2. This level may be achieved if a Saiyan has a PL of 2,100,000, is in Super Saiyan mode and in a state of rage. The Saiyan's stats will increase 375% . After the first transformation the Saiyan will be able to transform at will.

Super Saiyan 3. This level may be gained when the Saiyan reaches 6,000,000 PL is in Super Saiyan 2 mode and in a state of rage. The Saiyan's stats will increase by 650%. This form, unlike the other Super Saiyan forms before it, cannot be held by a living body for very long. As you become stronger this will change but at the start you can only hold it for 2 turns.

Super Saiyan 4. To reach this level the Saiyan must have a PL of 15,000,000 be Golden Oozaru, have controlled Golden Oozaru form, and be in a state of desperation. This means your life must be in serious jeopardy. As with the other forms write down that you are trying to transform and wait for my reply to tell you if you make it or not. If successful the Saiyan's stats will increase by 900%.

In addition to the above a Saiyan may turn into an Oozaru on a full moon. This will increase the Saiyan's base stats by 10%. If the Saiyan should witness a "Full Earth" from planets other than Earth in the North Galaxy then they will turn into a Golden Oozaru. This will increase the Saiyan's stats by 900% and possibly allow them a chance to becomes Super Saiyan 4. If the Saiyan's tail is cut off they will turn back into their original form. The tail will take 3 weeks to grow back.

If a Saiyan survives a near death experience it is possible that they will get a power up. This power up will increase their base stats by 25%. However don't count on this happening, it's more likely you will die before this happens.


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