Legend Of The Super Saiyans - "All shall bow down before the Saiyan race!"


North Galaxy

South Galaxy


King Yemma's Check in Point: This is where you appear when you die. King Yemma sells his magic fruit to double your PL for 400 Zen. You can only buy 1 ever.
If you have a request to be granted life, travel here and have King Yemma hear your case, make a post on King Yemma's Palace, it will then be decided if your reason to be granted life is good enough.

Spirit City: Where all shopping is done in the Next Dimension. You can also work here for 50 Zen a day.

West Kai's Fighting Dojo: You can train here with West Kai for 10% of your PL a day.

East Kai's Race Track: You can train here with East Kai for 400 Spd. each day.

South Kai's Temple: You can train here with South Kai for 400 Hp. a day.

Next Dimension Martial Arts Tournament Arena: The location of Spirit City's Martial Arts Tournament.

If you win the Tournament, you will be granted permission to train with Grand Kai. Grand Kai's training will increase your Power Level by 25% every day.

Snake Way: A long bridge that connects Spirit City to King Kai's Planet.
Higher speeds allow fighters to pass over Snake Way in lower amounts of time.
1500 Spd or lower-3 days to run
1501 Spd to 3,000 Spd-2 days to run
3,001 Spd or higher-1 day to run
When you finish running Snake way, you get a 5% PL increase.

Princess Snakes House: Work here for 50 Zen, it is halfway over Snake Way, so you get there after 1 day of running.

King Kai's Planet: You can train here to increase your PL by 10% a day. You can also train with Bubbles to raise HP (400 a day), or Gregory to raise Spd. (200 a day). King Kai's place has 20x Gravity.

Supreme Kai's Planet: This planet is the very center of the Next Dimension. There is no road connecting this planet to anything else, so there are only two ways to get there - Obtaining a teleport there, or being summoned by Shin himself. Shin's Planet has 100x earth Gravity.

Here you can train with: Shin for 35% PL a day, Kibito for 600 HP a day, or Great Kaioshin for 400 Spd. a day.

Mystic Power Up: You may also train under the Great Kaioshin to attain the Mystic Power Up. You must be at a base power level of at least 750,000. You then must have permission to train under the Great Kaioshin. The process takes 1 day to complete. Once done the Mystic Power Up will boost the players base stats by 750%, however no other power up techniques may be used while in Mystic Form.


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