Legend Of The Super Saiyans - "All shall bow down before the Saiyan race!"

[North Galaxy]
Training Room: Increases PL by 4% a day.

Medical Center: If you are defeated in a battle on Freiza you come here and rest in a regeneration tank for one day.

Yardrat Village: Work here for 50 Zen a day.

Yardrat Wilderness: Battle wild Monsters in the Wilderness for a 5% Power Level, 300HP and 200 Spd a day. This is a bit more dangerous, be warned, if you are too weak the monsters may knock you out or even kill you.

Kame House: Training here gives you 2% of your PL each day. After 7 consecutive days of training here, you will recieve a nimbus. A nimbus allows you to find items one day faster, or fly to Kami's Lookout or other places you need to be airborn to reach.

Kami's Lookout: You can train here to increase your power level by 50% in the Room of Spirit and Time. You may only do this 2 times EVER. You can also train with Kami for 400 HP a day or with Mr. Popo for 200 Spd a day.

Capsule Corp. Building: Here you can train under the gravitron to increase your power level. Your gravity setting depends on your power level, which is all explained in the rules section.

Dr. Gero's Labratory: Where all the androids were constructed. Apparently there is still the manufacture of androids going on there.

Hospital: If you lose a battle on Earth you go here to rest in a regeneration tank. In the Hospital a Saiyan can also have a surgery to have their tail removed. It takes 1 day and costs $500.

Earth City: Work in Earth City for 75 Zen a day.

Tenkaichi Budokai (World's Martial Arts Tournament) Arena: This is where tournaments are held. To sign up for a tournament, check out the 'tournaments' page.

Makyo Star
Makyo Sunspot Training Room: Raise Power Level by 3% each day.

Makyo Machine Shop: Work here for 50 Zen a day.

Kanassa Merchants' Square: Work here for 100 Zen a day.


Saiyan Training Room: Train here to increase PL by 3% a day.

Saiyan Villages: You can work here for 25 credits a day.

Guru's House: Guru will unlock your secret power, and raise your PL by 65%. This takes 1 day and can only be done once.

Namek Villages: People here will teach you Namek Language, which is required to use the Namek dragonballs (takes 1 day).

Namek Fields: You can work here for 50 Zen a day.


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